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New Hope in Pictures, my blog of pictures and reflections on eight journeys to the Diocese of Kajo-Keji on behalf of the Diocese of Bethlehem’s New Hope Campaign, now may be found here. Have a look at the¬†About tab for a brief overview of these fourteen posts.

I am grateful for New Hope, for the opportunity to contribute financially to the Campaign, and for the opportunity to¬†participate in leading it. My hope is that something of what the journeys mean to me lives here and speaks to the blog’s visitors.

Howard Stringfellow III



New Hope is a New Girls’ Dormitory

14th July 2014_Romogi Richard Earl_Girls' Dorm_Finishes (1)_2Photograph by Stephen Tomor Kenyi


Romogi Richard Earl Secondary School, 14 Jul 14. New Hope is a new Girls’ Dormitory.

This photograph arrived a few days ago, and it signals the completion of the thirty-third building by New Hope in Kajo-Keji. The contractor has some clean-up and finishing touches to accomplish, but the building whose foundation alone was visible in January now is almost ready for occupancy.

Two years ago, when Charles Barebo and I were in Kajo-Keji, we toured and inspected all of the New Hope Schools. We found something unusual at Richard Earl. Some of the classrooms were being used as sleeping rooms. We knew nothing about it until we saw it for ourselves. But the explanation came. Some of the students travel on foot from such distances that sleeping over is necessary, for Richard Earl is the only secondary school of the New Hope Schools. We could very well have assumed that the single secondary school would have attracted students from a larger area than any of the primary schools.

And so Charlie went to work raising the money to build this answer to the evident need. The generosity of New Hope contributors provided the money necessary for the construction, and it will be inhabited very soon. Stephen Tomor has suggested, and I agree, that the dormitory be used right away for the purpose for which it was built and that the dedication of it be during our next visit.

I am grateful to Stephen for shepherding this project to a successful conclusion and to Charlie for putting this opportunity before the donors to New Hope who met the challenge once again with this expression of gratitude to God. Charlie and Stephen, by themselves, are a talented and resourceful team, and I am always happy to be in their company. You can see Stephen’s motorbike in the shade of the young mango tree.

I see the completion of the dormitory as an example of New Hope itself: the need makes itself known, and the means to accomplish meeting that need belongs to God’s grace and gift. “And my tongue shall be talking of your righteousness * and of your praise all the day long” (Psalm 35:28).